Why is there a minimum booking range and what does it mean?

    Depending on the Host’s policy regarding acceptable booking durations there may be a minimum number of nights that you can book for your specific dates. This number is chosen by the system from the range set by the Host.

    Usually the system allows you to book only a greater number of nights from the given range. If such greater number of nights is not available on the Property’s calendar, the system will allow you to book a lesser number of nights within the pre-set range.

    For example, if a Host has set a range of 3-5 nights available for booking and the Property’s calendar has more than 5 adjacent nights available,you will be able to book any number of availble nights starting from 5. If only 4 adjacent nights are available, the platform will let you book 4, but not 3 nights. You will be able to book 3 nights if there are only 5 adjacent nights available, but you can’t book less than 3 nights at this Property.

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