Taking it Further

Although only a tiny percentage of the population in overwhelmingly Buddhist Thailand, Christianity has nevertheless played an important historical role in the history of the kingdom. From Portuguese missionaries to American evangelists they have left their mark in the many fine churches that have been built over the centuries in religiously tolerant Thailand.
Bangkok, Southeast Asia’s humid, bustling, spicy and exotic capital of fun and frolics, can often overwhelm the senses, but there is a haven of calm and relative solitude to retreat to, Dusit, where you can escape the snarling traffic jams, enjoy leisurely strolls along shady avenues, take in the sites and breathe a more refined air.
Known internationally for its quality and variety of designs, Thai silk has a history that dates back millennia and is today a thriving cottage industry, somewhat labour intensive but nonetheless a labour of love.
Krabi boats some of the most spectacularly beautiful scenery in the world, the epitome of tropical paradise. It also has a great many caves, beautiful and intriguing, offering the promise of adventure and mystery for the intrepid traveller to explore.
Phuket has an enviable reputation as one of the world’s premier beach destinations and with good reason. With some forty beaches to choose from, this jewel in the Andaman Sea has something for everyone.
Although not many would consider Krabi Town for inclusion on their bucket list there is more than enough to keep you busy on a short stay and it is the hub for all that is spectacular in Krabi Province. Read on to get the low down on what’s up.
A seventeen-storey rose-pink temple, around which, from the ground floor to the roof, a giant dragon has coiled itself and gazes out over the flat plains that surround it. Read on to unravel the mystery of this unique temple.
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