How do your discounts work?

    At Diwerent prices and discounts are set by the Hosts. We encourage them to offer competitive prices and good discounts, and our algorithm does the rest.

    The Hosts set the initial price for every night available for rent. They also set 4 increasing steps of discount that gradually apply to the price of each night at their Property when more and more nights get booked.

    During the listing period only 100 nights altogether can be booked at each Property throughout the calendar. These 100 nights are initially divided into 5 parts, 20 nights in each part. Every time when additional 20 nights at the Property get booked, the discount applicable to the price of the Property moves to the next step.

    It doesn’t matter if the nights get booked by one Guest or by many Guests, or if they get booked with one booking or with many bookings. It also doesn’t matter how close the booked dates are to each other. The only thing important for the discount to move to the next step is the number of booked nights at the Property.

    For example, the discounts at the Property are set at 12%, 25%, 37% and 50%. If during the listing period the Property gets three 1-week long bookings for April, May and August, this will make 21 days altogether and everyone will get a 12% discount, including those who have already made their bookings (they will receive their discount as cashback. With every other 20 nights booked the discount will increase for all Guests.

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