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Targeted Advertising
We attract more Guests and increase interest with our individual approach to promoting your property to the right customers.
Maximal Occupancy Levels
Get up to 100 booked nights in advance. Set your rental period and increase your occupancy rate by up to 90% during the 30-day offer period.
Guaranteed income flow
All bookings made on our website become non-refundable after the first level of discount has been reached which guarantees you a hassle-free income flow.


Diwerent’s booking system uses an innovative algorithm that provides a progressive discount based on the total number of booked nights within the promotion 30-day listing period.
You, as a Host, receive a greater number of bookings which drives up your occupancy levels and Guests get the best prices available.

How it works

Every listing includes 100 nights for sale and has 5 price levels. Each level contains 20 nights that must be booked by Guests throughout the listing period to reach a new price for everyone. As soon as Guests have booked the set number of nights, the price will move to a new level.

Every new price level reached offers rewards for you and your Guests

  • The price at the first level is your usual price.
  • At level two discounts are applied and all bookings become non-refundable.
  • At level three the number of booked nights will have tripled while only two stages of discount will have been applied.
  • At level four your occupancy rates will continue to rise substantially and at level five by up to 90%.
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Revenue Stream
After 30 days of listing your property on the website you will be able to cover your maintenance expenses and get a precise schedule of arrival dates.
Promotion and Marketing
You do not need to take an active part in promoting your property as the Diwerent team undertakes all the promotional and marketing work for each property to attract potential Guests.
Free Listing
Diwerent does not charge for posting properties on its website and you pay only a commission of 3.5% for the booking transaction.
  • Phuket
  • Krabi
  • Samui
Coming soon
  • Bali
  • Hua Hin


  • How do I place my property listing on Diwerent?
    To place your listing on our website you need to:
    1. Send us an online application from this page;
    2. Receive a call from us and arrange a meeting with our manager;
    3. Meet with our manager at your property;
    4. Complete your listing details such as photos, description and rules of your property using your Diwerent account;
    5. Get your listing published on Diwerent and welcome your Guests at your property with all your hospitality.
  • When do I receive the payment?
    Diwerent will send you the payment within 24 hours after your Guests arrive at your property.
    The payments are made through bank transfer using payment details you indicate in your Diwerent account.
  • What is your refund policy for cancelled bookings?
    All bookings are non-refundable if any discount has been applied to the price of your property. If there have been no discounts applied during the offer period of your property, the Guests may be entitled to 90-100% refund depending on the particulars of their cancellation. More details on booking cancellations can be found here
  • When do bookings become non-refundable?
    All bookings made on your property with Diwerent become non-refundable after the first discount gets applied.
  • When do discounts apply?
    The first discount applies after you receive a total of 20 booked nights at your property within the offer period. The next discount will apply when your Guests book 40 nights altogether. You can learn more about the discounts here
For further information, please refer to our Help Section
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