Promo Code Terms of Use


Promo Terms” mean these Promo Code Terms of Use that outline the rules, terms and procedures applicable to the Promotion;

Ts&Cs” means Diwerent’s general Terms & Conditions;

Promotion” means product promotion held by Diwerent as described in these Promo Terms;

“Promo Code” means a specific sequence of characters which, when activated, gives a Discount provided that you comply with the Promo Terms;

“Discount” means a discount given to you for the Platform service fees upon making payment for the booking at a Property in the amount specified by Diwerent in these Promo Terms;

“Promo Period” means the period between February 18th, 2019 until April 1st, 2019 during which the Promotion takes place

 “Website” means a web page located in the Internet at containing the subscription block which can be used to enter the Promotion as well as these Promo Terms and Ts&Cs, and which can be used to make bookings with Diwerent to which the Promo Code can be applied.

1. These Promo Terms shall apply in conjunction with the Ts&Cs. You should therefore read these Promo Terms in combination with the Ts&Cs. Where any provisions of the Ts&Cs conflict with these Promo Terms, the Promo Terms will take precedence. For the avoidance of any doubt, these Promo Terms do not change or cancel the Ts&Cs.

2. Any words or expressions written with a capital letter used in these Promo Terms and not explained in the Definitions section of these Promo Terms shall have the meaning as described in the Ts&Cs, unless a contrary meaning is given in these Promo Terms.

3. Diwerent may change these Promo Terms at any time. You should check the Website regularly for any changes that apply from the date they are uploaded.

4. By entering the Promotion you agree that you will be legally bound by both these Promo Terms and the Ts&Cs.

5. You should be over 18 years of age at the time of entry and be able to be legally bound by these Promo Rules to participate in the Promotion.

6. Entering the Promotion is only possible by subscribing to the Diwerent’s mailout through a special subscription block on the Website within the Promo Period.

7. The Promo Code is valid until June 1st, 2019. After this date your Promo Code will no longer be valid.

8. Diwerent reserves the right, but will not be obliged to, at its own discretion extend the Promo Period and the period of the Promo Code’s validity, whether together or each of them individually. In this case you will be notified about such extension whether by e-mail or through an update posted on the Website.

9. The Promo Code will be delivered to you automatically by means of e-mail notification sent to your e-mail address entered by you in the subscription block on the Website.

10. The Promo Code is single-use, personal, non-transferrable and non-divisible. It cannot be used multiple times, exchanged into cash, divided into parts or transferred to another person. You cannot receive and use more than one Promo Code.

11. The Promo Code gives you the right to receive the Discount for payment of the Diwerent’s service fee in the fixed amount when you make payment for a booking of a Property located in Thailand on the Website. If the amount of the service fees payable by you to Diwerent is less then the amount of Discount, the Promo Code shall be deemed to be used in full and the unused part of the amount of Discount will not be saved, accumulated, transferred, paid or otherwise left in your possession after you use the Promo Code.

12. The Promo Code provides you the Discount in the amount of 70 Singapore Dollars, which equals to 50 US Dollars at the time of the beginning of the Promotion. The specified sum is fixed and is not subject to change regardless of any exchange rate fluctuations.

13. The Discount can be activated by entering the Promo Code to the special entry field before submitting the payment for your booking on Diwerent. After activation the Discount will be applied and the price to be paid for your booking will be reduced by the aforementioned amount. After the payment is made the Promo Code can no longer be used.

14. If you make more than one booking with Diwerent during the Promo Code’s period of validity, you can use the Promo Code for any one booking of your choice.

15. If Diwerent runs any other promotions along with the Promotion, the Promo Code cannot be summed up with other promo codes or other benefits offered by Diwerent as part of a special promotion.

16. Only one Promo Code can be applied to each booking made with Diwerent.

17. If, after you have used a Promo Code, your booking request gets rejected by the Host or cancelled by you or your confirmed booking gets cancelled by the Host, you will be permitted to use the Promo Code again within one calendar month from the date of cancellation or rejection to make another booking even if the promo Code’s period of validity has expired. If, however, you cancelled your confirmed booking, you will not be entitled to use the Promo Code again.

18. By activating the Promo Code, you fully accept and agree with these Promo Terms and confirm that you are 18 years of age or older and that you have full legal capability to be subject to these Promo Terms.