Do you pay cashback with real money? How and when can I get it?

    Diwerent gives you back part of the sum paid for your booking as cashback once the price of the Property booked by you gets discounted. These funds are returned to your payment card within 72 hours after the Listing is closed.

    Cashback is counted as the difference between the price of the booked nights at the time of booking and the price by the time of closing of the Listing. The amount of cashback depends on the discounts set by the Hosts.

    Please note that if your booking changes the price of the Property you will not get a cashback, but you will pay less for your booking. If after this the price of the Property gets even lower, you will earn cashback. In case you have made a booking that did not change the price, and then the price of the Property has decreased after someone else’s booking, you will get a cashback. This way Diwerent makes sure everyone gets the same discount regardless of when they have made their bookings.

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