The prognosis is paradisiacal

It goes without saying that most of us would prefer to stay out of hospitals while we are on vacation, but there is a large and growing business in medical tourism in Thailand that offers foreign patients world-class medical treatment at very affordable prices and, in Phuket, the chance to take a long-dreamed-of holiday on one of the world’s most beautiful and exotic islands.    

In good hands

Given the Thais’ reputation for gracious hospitality and their attentive and graceful service, it’s no real surprise to see why the country has become one of the region’s top medical tourism destinations. Western-accredited hospitals with highly qualified staff provide a first-class service which allows foreign patients the opportunity of avoiding long waiting lists in their own countries and to take advantage of cheaper surgical procedures. A comprehensive list of services and treatments are available, from cosmetic to life-saving, with post-operative care that is second to none.

Medical tourism

Warm smiles and capable hands

Phuket has the remedy

From dental care to cosmetic procedures to major surgery Phuket will meet your needs. Or, if you require a comprehensive medical check-up, a major detox or pampering at one of the many health and wellness centres, you get to do so in a tropical paradise. More than thirty stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters, a vibrant night-life and great food, friendly locals with a distinctive and intriguing culture all contribute to making Phuket a seriously curative destination for whatever ails you. For the price you would pay in your own country you can have the surgery or treatment you need and an unforgettable holiday to boot.

Medical tourism

Karon Beach, the perfect post-operative remedy

Phuket’s heavyweight, the Bangkok Hospital Phuket

One of the most advanced and modern hospitals in Southeast Asia, the Bangkok Hospital Phuket, offers just about everything a visiting medical tourist is likely to want. There are more than twenty specialist centres offering a huge range of medical procedures, five operating theatres, eleven intensive care units and eight coronary intensive care units. The hospital is also one of the country’s top cosmetic surgery destinations with both JCI and ISO accreditation, meaning it reaches the highest international hospital standards. International patients can avail themselves of free consultations online with experienced and highly qualified doctors who can offer detailed advice on treatments and surgeries and recommend a suitable length of stay in Phuket. The hospital attracts tens of thousands of foreign patients every year from all over the globe and its multilingual staff are well able to deal with any language barrier.

Medical tourism

The very grand entrance of the Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Phuket International Hospital

The first hospital in Phuket to promote foreign medical tourism, Phuket International Hospital, also known as the Siriroj International Hospital, offers impeccably high standards and a comprehensive array of specialised services that includes medical and surgical procedures, neurosurgery, cardiology, Lasik eye surgery, plastic surgery, a haemodialysis centre, dental clinic and many others from rhinology to orthopaedic care. The hospital is also able to offer hyperbaric treatment in the case of diving emergencies. 

Medical tourism

Reception at the Phuket International Hospital 

Beauty and wellness

Aside from the big two hospitals in Phuket there are a great number of specialised clinics, spas and wellness centres all of which offer beauty, therapeutic and cosmetic treatment with the prospect of an unforgettable tropical island experience for those who like to look good while having fun. Thousands of tourists visit Thailand annually to enjoy more than just an exotic getaway, by availing themselves of the first-class medical treatment available on Phuket, internationally recognised as one of the world’s premier, and affordable, centres for plastic and cosmetic surgery, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities that rival the best in the west.

Medical tourism

A wellness Spa, Thai style

Post-op to die for

Phuket is the perfect location for post-operative recovery. The island offers tropical splendour in all its forms. Apart from Phuket itself, which has a lot more than gorgeous beaches and water sports, the offshore islands are true gems where limestone karsts loom large over hidden coves and wide, sweeping bays surrounded by jungle-topped mountains with mysterious caves that beckon you in.

Medical tourism

A deserted beach to stroll along away from the crowds

Phuket, the hub of the Andaman

Phuket is today a truly international destination with tourists flying in from all parts of the world, drawn by its obvious attractions of sun and fun, but increasingly as a hub for first-class healthcare and beauty and wellness spas that cannot be beaten for quality and price. The island’s location, surrounded by exquisite islands and national marine parks, makes it the perfect stepping off point for island-hopping excursions. Phuket’s beaches range from the hugely popular to the seldom-visited and the island has temples and shrines galore, stunning vistas from mountain-top vantage points, jungle trekking, waterfalls, elephant sanctuaries, giant Buddha statues, luxury resorts and villas and great food virtually everywhere. 

Medical tourism

Krabi’s famous limestone karsts

So, you could opt to spend your time staring out on solemn wintery days through rain-spattered windows as you wend your way to recovery or hop on a flight to Phuket for warm smiles, a premier service at affordable cost and an unforgettable holiday experience thrown in for good measure. Just what the doctor order

Medical tourism

Island gems in the Andaman Sea