What happens after the confirmed booking gets cancelled by the Guest?

    In case cancellation takes place not less than 7 days before the estimated check-in date and the booking itself was made at the initial price and the price did not change by the time of closing of the Listing, you will be paid 10% of the initial booking price of the cancelled booking. Please note, however, that if Guests cancel their booking for the first time and no discount has been applied to the Property, they will receive the booking price back in full and no payment will be made to the Host.

    In all other cases the bookings are non-refundable. It means that when a Guest cancels a confirmed booking and by the time the Listing closes the price of your Property goes down, you will receive full payment for the Guest's booking at the price reached by the end of the Listing. In either case the dates of this Guest's booking in your calendar stay closed. 

    Please note that you will not be entitled to payment of the cleaning fees if the Guest cancels his or her booking before the check-in date. 

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