Can Guests make any changes or cancel their booking?

    Yes, Guests may cancel a booking if it has not yet been confirmed by the Host. However, once a booking has been confirmed by the Host, it can still be cancelled by the Guest, but the dates booked by the Guest will remain booked and the Host will be entitled to full payment.

    Please note, however, that if the Guest has made a booking at the initial price and the discounts offered by you have not been applied, the Guest will have an option to cancel his or her booking not later than 7 days before the planned check-in date and be entitled to 90% refund and repayment of the cleaning fees. You will receive 10% of the booking price and the dates in your calendar will stay booked. In addition, if the Guest makes cancellation as described herein and this is the first cancellation for the Guest, Diwerent will pay the Guest back the booking price in full and no payment will be made to you.

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