What are the main responsibilities as a Host?

    In order to take full advantage of Diwerent’s resources and website security, always use the Diwerent website to make all payments and, where possible, to communicate with your Guests.

    Try to answer your Guests’ requests promptly and do your best to understand their particular needs to better meet their expectations and ensure a hassle-free and memorable stay at your property.

    Please make sure you complete all the section in your property description, including the House Rules, amenities, etc. 

    Through House Rules you can state what is permissible at your property and what is not allowed. You may state explicitly your rules on smoking indoors and rules on behaviour. This is an opportunity to ensure that guests treat your house with the respect it deserves.

    It is essential that should something malfunction or an emergency occur, Guests know how to get in touch with a Host, where to go and where to find alarms, fire extinguishers, fuse boxes, etc.

    Provide Guests with an emergency contact number, local emergency numbers for Fire, Police and Ambulance services and any other useful contact information that adds to a Guest’s sense of security.

    Your property should be fully covered by insurance. You may also consider liaising with Guests to talk about adding additional layers of protection to their own personal insurance. Adding a security deposit requirement can help compensate you for any accidents to your fixtures and fittings that might occur during a Guest’s stay.

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