What travel documents do I need to have before booking?

    Before you head to booking, you need to make sure your travel documents are in order. Correct documentation is a must for all travellers, especially if you are required to obtain a visa to enter a particular country.

    What you need will depend on your nationality and your destination, and it is worth checking up on all the requirements well in advance of your trip to allow plenty of time to prepare.

    Prior to your booking, we recommend that you check the entry and travel requirements for your destination country/countries by contacting the proper embassies or consulates. In most cases you must have the following documents with you during your travel:

    • Passport
    • Visa

    It is your responsibility to check the expiration dates of these documents and renew them if necessary (while allowing enough time to receive them).

    Please note: some countries require a passport that is valid at least several months beyond the expected return date.

    The rules and criteria for obtaining visas change from country to country.

    Once you know your travel destination, check with that country’s embassy to see if you actually need a visa to enter, and whether this has to be organized ahead of time, or can be granted at the point of entry (airport or overland border crossing).

    If you need a visa, please apply early to allow yourself some extra time шт case of an emergency. 

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