What is crowdbooking?

    Crowdbooking is a relatively new way of purchasing goods or services based on a principle of collaborative actions of people interested in buying the same thing. It combines the best features of sharing economy, group purchases and social marketing.

    The main idea of crowdbooking is pulling a number of potential buyers into a group and connecting them to a seller who is willing to give all buyers a collective offer based on the size of the group and/or the number of items the group can buy. This increases sales for the sellers and allows them to stay competitive through managing their prices depending on the level of sales, and not the opposite. 

    Diwerent has adopted this idea to vacation rentals. Hosts who rent out their properties with us offer our Guests special discounts that depend on the number of nights booked by them. The more nights the Hosts can sell within a month, the less they charge for each particular night. This way each Host can apply discounts only after a certain number of active sales unlike the traditional system where the discounts were used to attract potential Guests. 

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