What important parameters should I specify for disabilities in the property description?

    Before ticking the “suitable for disabled people” checkbox you must make sure that your property at least meets the following requirements:

    - The width of the doors (front, bathroom and guest room) can accomodate 36 inches/ 86 cm (based on requesting wheelchair width);

    - The bathroom can accommodate Guest’s entire wheelchair (width and length) that Guest can close the bathroom door.

    - You have support handles near the toilets and showers accesible on a wheelchair;

    - There are no stairs on the way to your Property and to the key amenities, or there is a lift/ramp that allows wheelchair access.

    These are the minimal standards for wheelchair accessibility on Diwerent.

    We also encourage you to add more relevant information (including photos, where possible) to your Property description such as width of doorways and hallways, availability of support handles, elevators and panduses, disabled parking spots, specially equipped toilets, showers and beds, if any.


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