Full cancellation policy

    Full refund

    You can receive full refund if:

    - Your booking is not confirmed; or

    - Your booking is cancelled by the Host

    You will get a full refund if your booking request has not yet been accepted by the Host of the Property you chose. The Hosts are given 24 hours from the moment your request has been made to either accept or decline it, though usually the Hosts react to the Guests’ request within several hours.  If the Host does not accept or decline your booking request within 24 hours, it will be rejected automatically, and you will receive back all the funds you have been charged for in full.

    Please also note that some Hosts may have enabled an Instant Booking feature which automatically accepts all booking requests made at their Property. In this case your booking will be immediately confirmed, and you will be charged the full cost of your booking.

    You will get a full refund in any case if your booking gets cancelled by the Host.


    Partial refund

    You can receive partial refund if:

    - No discounts have been applied; and

    - You cancel your booking 7 or more days before check-in

    If you cancel your confirmed booking you can get a partial refund provided that several conditions are met.

    First, no discounts must be applied to the property’s prices. It means that by the end of the listing the prices per night for the property booked by you remain the same as they were when the listing was published.

    Second, your cancelation must be done no less than 7 calendar days (inclusively) before your check-in date. In this case you will be refunded 90% of your booking price minus Diwerent’s service fee. And for your very first cancellation with no discounts applied you will get back the full payment minus Diwerent’s service fee.


    No refund

    You can not get a refund if:

    - Any discount has been applied; or

    - You cancel your booking less than 7 days before check-in

    If you are not entitled to a refund under this rule, you will still be entitled to cashback.

    If the cancelation is done less than 7 days before the check-in date or if any discounts apply to the property’s prices by the time the listing for this property ends, you will only be refunded the cleaning fee. The rest of your booking price will be non-refundable.

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