The more bookings a prorerty gets the better the price for your and everyone else who booked.
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Get a cashback payment when the price goes down.
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The more nights booked by all - the lower the price for you
Samui, Bangrak
10 guests
5 bedrooms
Private pool
Book and pay the current price.
If at the end of the offer period the current price per night is lower than you paid when you booked, you will receive the difference automatically as a cashback payment 72 hours after the end of the offer.
19 nights must be booked to reach the next discount level.
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Every offer for a listing has five price levels and the price decreases as the number of nights booked by guests increases. The more nights that are booked the lower the price is for all bookings.
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The more nights booked by all-the better the price for you and everyone
Book now and get a cashback when the price goes down
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